How We Work

Building is a systematic process. To make the construction experience as transparent as possible, here are each of the steps that TRB takes when building a new home.

Profiles in place, footings poured. Conduits for power and phone placed in the footing.

Slab prep with power and phone conduits through the slab, not on the brickwork later.

Slab pour in process – This one is still being worked with the trowel machine.

Sewer and storm water drains ready for inspection and backfill. Note 100mm sewer grade pipe used for stormwater.

Frame Stage – T2 treated pine frames and termite resistant treated pine trusses.

Rough-in Stage – Note metal ceiling battens to underside of truss.

Rough-in Stage – Rough-in of plumbing, electrical, aircon and towel rail noggings.

Enclosed Stage ready for brickwork – Note temporary down pipes to catch rain water during construction.

Water proofing in place ready for tiling – Note the recessed shower tray into the slab so no step ups.

Kitchen installed and ready for final plaster cornice fit with covered and protected kitchen cabinetry.

Ceramic tiles in place ready for painting with covered and protected vanity cabinetry.

Brickwork and external painting complete – Note the clean and tidy work site and use of skip bins

Completed new home and another happy TRB customer.