The Team

Gary Lange

Experienced and driven by quality, ensuring that your build is in good hands. When Gary is not busy building your dream home, he’s busy going hard and fast in cars and boats!

Stephen Matthews

Stephen enjoys delivering a quality build and a stress free experience for his clients. In his spare time you’ll find him either releasing or taking on more stress on the golf course… depending on how he’s putting.

Evan Andrews
Sales Consultant

A licensed Building Designer with 34 years’ experience in the building industry, which makes him older than he looks but probably not wiser.  Loves to unwind with a drop of good red.

Kayla Knight
Sales Consultant

When Kayla isn’t busy creating your dream home, she is a very spontaneous person who enjoys the simple things that life has to offer.

Edward Thomas
Sales Consultant

Ed has been selling homes for 26 years.  While previously working for one of the major home builders, he achieved both State and International Number One Salesperson.

Tammy Thomas

Measuring, number crunching & figures is her game! However she loves everything health & fitness –  helping people change their lives.

Vanessa Walker
Colour Consultant

Vibrant and flamboyant, Vanessa will colour your world! Whether on the court, entertaining or working in her dream job – life itself is her passion!