Another beautiful TRB custom home. The concept of this design came from the owner who worked closely with our in house designer to create exactly what she was asking for. By combining the in house knowledge and the owners needs TRB created the home of her dreams, with open free flowing living spaces and making the most of the corner block.

1. How did you first hear about Top of the Range Builders (TRB)?
Comments:- From people who had knowledge of the quality build provided by TRB.
2. Considering your complete experience with TRB, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Comments:- I would absolutely recommend TRB as the first choice of builders in the Toowoomba region.
3. How would you rate the sales experience?
Comments:- Extremely helpful; very prompt response to emails; willingly designed the home that I had drawn to scale; and extremely easy to get along with.

4. How would you rate your colour selection experience? 
Comments:- Provided helpful advice when making selections. Excellent knowledge of all aspects selected. Very prompt completion of Schedule of Colours & Finishes form.
5. Which TRB Builder built your home? How would you rate your builder?
Comments:- Stephen Matthews. Has a very organised process. Really appreciated the thorough process at handover and fully explaining all aspects to me. Provided advice which ensured a “better looking” finished product.
6. How would you rate the builders supervisor? 
Comment:- Promptly dealt with any concerns I had and fully answered any questions I had.
7. How would you rate your experience with our subcontractors?
Comment:- Easy to get along with. Gave excellent advice when asked for and produced a quality product.

8. Overall, how satisfied are you with your new home?
Comment:- I am extremely satisfied. It is better than I had visualized.
9. Please list the main reason that persuaded you to use TRB?
Comment:- The quality of the build for the quoted price of the display home and people’s knowledge of the quality product produced by TRB.
10. What’s the one thing we lack that could’ve made your experience easier?
Comment:- Nothing really, but would have liked the pump for the rainwater tank in operation – needed to remove air after turning on water from tank which was turned off extremely tightly and yet to replace a cracked screen on top of tank.

March 2018