The inviting facade welcomes you into this beautiful home. The tranquil water feature in the entry adds to the lifestyle appeal of this home along with luxurious fittings and features to create a contemporary living space.

1. How did you first hear about Top of the Range Builders (TRB)? 10/10
Comments:- My brother had built through TRB – Stephen Matthews, he had nothing but positive remarks so I thought I should go touch base in at the display home.
2. Considering your complete experience with TRB, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague? 10/10
Comments:- I always recommend friends/family of my building experience with TRB and how much of a pleasure it was. Apples for Apples.
3. How would you rate the sales experience? 10/10
Comments:- Jena was great to deal with, whenever I had a question she always had an answer, great knowledge within the job role.

4. How would you rate your colour selection experience? 9/10
Comments:- Vanessa was great, she pointed us in the right direction with everything.
5. Which TRB Builder built your home? Gary Lange Homes. How would you rate your builder? 10/10
Comments:- Gary was excellent, straight to the point, but always listening to what you got to say. I feel like we got along really well and I hope to deal with him again in the future.
6. How would you rate the builders supervisor? 9/10
Comment:- Bob was good, I didn’t have much to do with him, but I’m happy with his work. Andy was really good to deal with, easy going bloke. However someone forgot my T.V Antenna:-)
7.How would you rate your experience with our subcontractors? 8/10
Comment:- MRE were really good. Plasterers Average. Painters were really good. Tiler was average. Carpenters really good. Plumber was really good.

8. Overall, how satisfied are you with your new home? 9/10
Comment:- Overall its everything I wanted and everything I got. There’s a couple of defects still but Gary was raising these. There not major. Overall I’m really happy with everyone involved.
9. Please list the main reason that persuaded you to use TRB? 10/10
Comment:- Apples for Apples. The display home was very well presented and the people in there were really nice to communicate with.
10. What’s the one thing we lack that could’ve made your experience easier? 10/10
Comment:- There’s nothing that was lacked, but the one thing that could make my experience better is to do another house and hopefully build the relationship with myself and TRB.