Another TRB impressive home that combines a mix of materials to create an elegant design suited to its surroundings. The well-designed living spaces offer privacy and comfort between different zones.

1. How did you first hear about Top of the Range Builders (TRB)?
Comments:- We had our own plans drafted, when we attended the TRB display home Jason realised he knew Evan.

2. Considering your complete experience with TRB, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Comments:- Absolutely.

3. How would you rate the sales experience?
Comments:- Evan – excellent. We had a lot of confidence in his knowledge

4. How would you rate your colour selection experience?
Comments:- We had made the majority of our selections prior. Tony from Wicks was fantastic.

5. Which TRB Builder built your home? Stephen Matthews Homes or Gary Lange Homes? How would you rate your builder?
Comments:- Gary Lange, he was awesome.

6. How would you rate the builders supervisor?
Comment:- Bob “Bob the Builder” – nothing was too much bother to him. Andy was also fantastic.

7. How would you rate your experience with our subcontractors?
Comment:- Friendly – happy to answer any questions.

8 Overall, how satisfied are you with your new home?
Comment:- 9/10

9. Please list the main reason that persuaded you to use TRB?
Comment:- We had faith in Evan. Gary Lange’s reputation, also that TRB were able to complete our home when we required. Other local builders at the time were doing a lot of their own units.

10. What’s the one thing we lack that could’ve made your experience easier?
Comment:- The colour selection seemed to be an issue. Also being so involved with the build, it was very time consuming.