There can be no mistaking a French Provincial kitchen. Luxe lever taps, a vintage-look stove and elaborate moulded cabinetry are almost essential. This French Provincial inspired kitchen is luxurious and chef-ready.

1. How did you first hear about Top of the Range Builders (TRB)?
Comments:- TV Ad and Evan through his drafting business.

2. Considering your complete experience with TRB, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Comments:- Very likely.

3. How would you rate the sales experience?
Comments:- 9/10. Very professional, have previously built in Brisbane but this was the best experience.

4. How would you rate your colour selection experience?
Comments:- Very helpful and Vanessa very experienced.

5. Which TRB Builder built your home? Stephen Matthews Homes or Gary Lange Homes? How would you rate your builder?
Comments:- Gary Lange. 10/10 attention to detail was excellent. Handover very comprehensive.

6. How would you rate the builders supervisor?
Comment:- Bob was great and first meeting very helpful. Andy didn’t meet us, but was ok

7. How would you rate your experience with our subcontractors?
Comment:- Good. Tiler, electrician and plumber easy to deal with.

8. Overall, how satisfied are you with your new home?
Comment:- 10/10 – Very satisfied.

9. Please list the main reason that persuaded you to use TRB?
Comment:- Evan and price.

10. What’s the one thing we lack that could’ve made your experience easier?
Comment:- Option for alternative kitchen place. Wicks not keen to work with non-standard design. Eg French Provincial.